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0800 and 0845 Numbers from Telephone Engineer.

Telephone Engineer are one of the UK's leading providers of Non Geographical Numbers including 0845, 0870 and 0800 ranges.

We specialise in providing a range of specialist 0800 numbers to businesses, including advice on the best possible ways to market these numbers to intice callers and to increase your sales.

Our 0800 numbers can be purchased for a one off cost. You as the owner pay for the call but in return you will see an increase in traffic from your websites and marketing literature because the caller does not have to pay for the call.

One Off Purchase
Charge Per Minute
0800 Number Basic
1.9 Pence
0800 Number Silver
1.9 Pence
0800 Number Gold
1.9 Pence
0800 Number Platinum
1.9 Pence

Non Geographic Telephone Numbers

Non geographic numbers are, as the name suggests, telephone numbers which do not correspond to a specific geographic area. The ranges of Non Geographic Numbers available include 0800 numbers, where the cost of a call is paid for entirely by the company receiving the call, and revenue sharing 0845 numbers. Unlike geographic telephone numbers that is, those beginning with 01 or 02 in the United Kingdom Non Geographic Numbers are not supplied with a physical telephone line, but are routed to an existing landline telephone number.

Non Geographic Numbers of any kind, can have significant benefits over their traditional geographic counterparts. Research has shown that up to 60% of consumers consider a Freephone number an incentive to call in fact, responses to advertisements have been known to increase by between 50% and 200% when a Freephone number is used which can obviously be advantageous for businesses in competitive marketplaces.

0845, on the other hand, can be useful source of income for companies that experience high volumes of incoming calls. Non Geographic Numbers of this latter type are often used as main contact numbers, or for sales ordering, or payment, lines.

Above and beyond the basic characteristics of Freephone, Basic Rate and Special Rate calls, however, the principal benefit of a non geographic number is that it is allocated to the the company receiving calls, so that calls can be routed intelligently to a location. The fact that non geographic numbers are andquot;virtualandquot;, and completely portable, also means that if a business needs to relocate for whatever reason simply moving to larger premises, or for continuation of business in the event of fire, flood, etc. the published number can be transferred seamlessly from one Geographic Number to another, without loss of service.

Non geographic numbers can be selected to be as memorable as possible, and used to create the perception amongst callers of a national presence, even if a company, itself, is confined to a specific geographic region. In addition, if a company advertises its products or services through various channels press, Web, mailshots, etc. by channelling responses through a range of numbers, it can assess the effectiveness of each of its marketing campaigns.

Telephone Engineer Birmingham have access to a range of over 90,000 numbers.

Business Telephone Services

We are committed to delivering cost effective telephone services without compromising on quality. We do this by working alongside BT Openreach via their WLR 3 Platform to provide Analogue, ISDN and Broadband Services. By profiling your current call usage, looking at your current supplier packages and resolving any billing issues you may currently be experiencing, savings of up to 35% are typical with no interuption to any of your services.

All Telephone and Broadband ordering is done in house to ensure fast and accurate provisioning. Our in house support staff are fully trained on the BT Openreach WLR 3 platform which grants us instant access to information on available line capacity at any given premises, the instant booking of installation dates and instant logging of line and broadband faults for fast resolution.

Utilising network agreements with Openreach, Gamma Telecom, Obit Telecom, Opal Telecom, Surfwise and Virgin Media, Telephone Engineer are able to provide the best possible Business Telephone Services with complete resilience and quality of service at an extremely competitive price.

Telephone System Specialists

Telephone Engineer are experts in Telephone System Planning and Installation, Telephone System Expansion and Telephone System Relocation. Our supplier agreements with BT, Panasonic, and NETPLAN Hosted Voice Over Internet allow us to supply and install a full range of Digital, IP and VoIP Telephone Systems with prices starting from as little as £500 including full installation, configuration and maintenance.

Where required, we are often able to install or replace a Telephone System with as little as 24 hours notice in instances where a fast turnaround is required. It may be that you have been let down by an existing supplier or your existing system has become faulty. In either instance you can rely on Telephone Engineer to react quickly.

For help or for free of charge advice on any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us free on 0800 849 9999 or contact us via any of the available methods.

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