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Voice and Data Cabling Solutions

Telephone Engineer are a leading company in the supply and installation of high performance voice and data network cabling.

High quality Structured or Voice Cabling Installation is essential for reliable and expandable Telephone System Installation as well as for Computer Network Installation.

As your local network cabling installation partner, Telephone Engineer will help you get this key infrastructure right for your Telephone System or IT Infrastructure. We employ a dedicated team of professional Cabling Engineers to supply Voice and Data Cabling Installation so whether your requirement is the installation of a Single Telephone Extension or a complete multi-site Network Cabling Installation, Telephone Engineer have the solution that is right for your business.

Our highly trained team of certified and accredited Engineers are known for bringing in projects on budget, on schedule and with a minimum of disruption.

  • Complete Cabling Design and Installation
  • Voice and Data Integration
  • Single and Multi Site Solutions
  • A Complete Solution : Line Installation, Broadband and Telephone System.
  • Full training, Support and Ongoing Maintenance.
  • We Employ qualified Voice and Data Cabling Engineers

Network Cabling Installation – The Benefits

We highly recommend Structured Cabling to support converged voice and data technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP), especially if you want to benefit from Cheaper Calls and Lines, reduced business call charges and fast business broadband.

  • Handle Voice Calls and Data In Any Format.
  • Make the Best use of available Office Space.
  • Avoid Costly downtime often created by poor quality or old cabling infrastructure.
  • A Neat, unobstructive Installation.
  • Instantly Move a phone or PC by simply re-patching one of your sockets

Structured Cabling for VoIP and Video over IP

Structured Network Cabling refers to a single cable network providing a universal platform for your overall information strategy. It avoids duplication, supports plug-in hardware and expands easily as your business grows. With Structured Cabling, you won’t need several different cable networks – just one robust network supporting multiple voice, multimedia and data systems.

For help or for free of charge advice on Voice and Data Cabling Services please do not hesitate to contact us free on 0800 849 9999 or contact us via any of the available methods.

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