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Surfwise Annex M Broadband Services

Telephone Engineer are a leading supplier of high speed Annex M ADSL Broadband and World Class Broadband Services.

  • A prioritised downstream bandwidth of 1024kbps
  • A minimum upstream bandwidth of 1024kbps
  • Enhanced Care broadband package as standard

Annex M extends the capability of ADSL2+ by increasing the number of upstream bits and a minimum upstream bandwidth of 1024 Kbps. In total the the maximum downstream speeds can be up to 16Mb and up to 2.5Mb upstream. This increase in upstream is achieved by altering the upstream/downstream frequency split allowing upstream bandwidth to be increased from 1Mb to 2.5Mb, with a corresponding decrease in download bandwidth.

  • Speed - By increasing the upstream data speed up to 2.5Mbps, users experience faster and smoother data transmission.
  • Ease of use – Increased upstream speeds means users do not suffer traffic congestion when sending and receiving important data or video streams.
  • Cost Reductions – Surfwise’s Annex M products provide an alternative connection to SDSL as they deliver similar upstream bandwidth but at a
    lower cost.
  • Extra efficiency – increased upstream speeds allow businesses to run
    efficiently and with cost-effective network services.
  • Remote user access – A secure and cost effective option for businesses
    that encompass home workers and remote office users.
  • New possibilities – Since increased speeds of upstream data can be achieved with these Surfwise
    products, the possibilities of saving and sending data are dramatically increased.
  • An alternative – These 3rd generation broadband products are a cost effective alternative to SDSL
  • Service – Surfwise M Enhanced is ideal for businesses requiring a Quality of Service and a minimum
    bandwidth over their network.

ADSL Annex M - Where is it available?

Annex M Broadband is available at the majority of BT exchanges around the UK. BT are also currently trialling Annex M on their BT 21CN next generation network and on completion we will offer this service to our customers.

What does Annex M Cost ?

Line rental (monthly)
Surfwise Annex M
Up to 16Mb
Up to 2.5Mb
Annex M Premium
Up to 16Mb
Up to 2.5Mb

Annex M Features

  • High Network resilience
  • An SLA of 99.9%
  • A business focused product
  • A fast and reliable service
  • A service run over an uncontended core network
  • Enhanced upload speeds
  • Typical applications of: VOIP, Terminal Server, Citrix, Web, FTP and Email Servers
  • A prioritised downstream bandwidth of 1024kbps *
  • A minimum upstream bandwidth of 1024kbps *
  • Enhanced Care broadband package as standard *

* These features are only available on Annex M Premium.

For more in depth information on Annex M Products, call Telephone Engineer FREE on 0800 849 9999.

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