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Wireless Leased Line and MPLS Services including a FREE of Charge Leased Line Survey

Telephone Engineer specialise in providing wireless leased lines as an alternative to fibre-based leased lines. Our service is built on one of the most powerful IP Networks in the UK which is 100% independent of BT or any other incumbent provider.

The Metronet wireless network is situated upon high-rise Point of Presence (POP) sites to ensure maximum coverage in urban areas – guaranteeing an unparalleled Internet access service.

Wireless (radio and microwave) technologies are extensively used by major telecom suppliers to provide mission-critical connectivity. Telephone Engineer deploys wireless equipment as dedicated last mile solutions with no contention (no sharing of bandwidth). The result is a dedicated connection that easily supports mission critical, latency dependent applications.

  • Support: Our Wireless Leased Line Support Network is never outsourced so customers can speak to a member of the support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Responsiveness: One point of contact; one point of responsibility. We employ and operate our own resources and owns all aspects of the network - so in the event of an issue, customers will not have to suffer downtime or be subjected to common delays associated with BT-based services.
  • Rapid lead times: Metronet can usually install within 5 days of receipt of order. This means that customers’ wireless needs are not subjected to unreasonable, unpredictable and changeable lead times associated with BT services.
  • Lower pricing: Customers can enjoy up to 80% savings over fibre-based leased lines – providing better value.
  • Scalability: Within minutes or days and depending on the increase required, customers can upgrade the speed of their leased lines. This means customers can grow their bandwidth in line with their exact requirements.

Managed Leased Lines

Unfortunately, BT owns and charges for the copper infrastructure that is employed to terminate most Leased Line Circuits (regardless of supplier) at your premises. With its own wireless infrastructure, Telephone Engineer uniquely supplies Leased Line Circuits independently of BT – offering secure connections to any number of sites based on a simple pricing structure that cannot be matched by any other supplier.

For immediate compatibility with your communications systems and applications such as IP Telephony/VOIP and video streaming, Metronet’s Leased Line Circuits are terminated using a standard Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) interface.

Telephone Engineer installs fully managed CPE at your site, enabling full management of your point-to-point Leased Line circuits, and a simple upgrade path should additional private circuits be required. You can specify anything from a simple point-to-point Leased Line circuit connecting two locations through to a meshed network servicing complex inter-branch IP (Internet Protocol) connectivity.

Costing your network is simple and straightforward. Unlike other service providers, Telephone Engineer will not bombard you with myriad pricing options such as those based on bandwidth, distance from a local exchange or service type. Instead, Metronet charges a flat fee low cost installation and a simple pricing structure. For example, 10 Mbps Leased Line circuits can be installed for just £500 with a monthly rental that is up to 80% cheaper than alternative wire-based circuits.

Furthermore, Metronet leased lines are not subject to the standard BT last mile limitations. This means that with a Metronet leased line if you need a 25Mbps internet connection delivered on a 75Mbps bearer, then that is exactly what you will get.

From your server room to the Internet edge your service is 100% managed and delivered wholly by us and our partner. In the unlikely event you ever have an issue, we never pass the buck. Our engineers are fully empowered to resolve any issues well within our SLA period. In fact, Telephone Engineer are one of the few Internet Service Providers that can truly deliver against our SLA.

Unlike low-end consumer ADSL and SDSL services, the Metronet service provides true 1:1 contention across all of its connections. Simply put, your 10Mbps bandwidth will not be compromised by other users of the network and, because Metronet’s Point-to-Point Leased Line Circuits are fully symmetrical, you will benefit from equal levels of performance – whether you are uploading or downloading data.

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