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Business Internet Services

High Speed Business Broadband Services

Telephone Engineer are a leading supplier of High Speed and Premium Broadband Business Internet and EFM Ethernet First Mile services.

Companies looking for a high quality Business Broadband Connection should look no further that our Surfwise range of Broadband Internet Products which have been specifically developed with the growing business in mind.

Surfwise currently serves over 7,100 Business Broadband Customers across the UK on a large variety of Super Fast, Next generation Broadband products including EFM Ethernet First Mile, Fibre to the Cabinet and World Class Surfwise ADSL 2+ (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2+) Broadband for Business services that offer speeds of up to 24Mb downstream and up to 1Mb upstream.

Business Broadband Internet Products

Our core products are shown below but we can offer various different configurations to match your businesses specific requirements. This includes up to 13 static IP addresses, Premium Support and VPN Services.

Line rental (monthly)
Surfwise ADSL 2
Up to 24Mb
Up to 1Mb
Surfwise FTTC (Fibre)
Up to 40Mb
Up to 10Mb
Surfwise Annex M
Up to 16Mb
Up to 2.5Mb
Annex M Premium
Up to 16Mb
Up to 2.5Mb
EFM Ethernet First Mile
Up to 20mb
Up to 20Mb
From £229.00

Choosing the Correct Business Broadband Product

If you are unsure of the correct product for your business do not hesitate to get in touch with our Broadband for Business team FREE on 0800 849 9999 who will listen to your requirements and help you to make a decision by giving you honest, valuable advice based on your current situation or budget.

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