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Business Class Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet)

Telephone Engineer are a leading UK based Business VoIP Provider offering a full range of Hosted Voice Over Internet and Business Class Broadband Services for small and medium sized businesses.

Our Business VoIP Service NETPLAN works off a choice of our ADSL Broadband Connections to provide all incoming and outgoing calls and features. By choosing from a range of VoIP Handsets, our NETPLAN VoIP System removes the requirement of expensive telephone system equipment and telephone line rental from traditional telephone providers. It is also extremely reliable and provides your business with all of the features you will ever need.

  • Number porting: Retain existing numbers or create new non-geo numbers
  • Lower call charges and reduced installation times and costs
  • Unified email, sms and voicemail messages for staff
  • Software based telephony allows for easily upgradable feature sets and future proofing
  • Multi level access to web portal for Administrators, Clients and End users
  • Full Management Information System included
  • Massive Reductions compared to traditional fixed line system.
  • Lower system maintenance charges and easier premises moves/changes
  • Access to lower call and connectivity charges, with free calls in multi site businesses and for Home Workers.
  • Automated disaster recovery solutions
  • All inclusive platform offering a range of chargeable features such as online billing, call recording and CTI

Telephone Engineer currently provide help to over 200 businesses per month, advising on Business Telephone Services and VoIP Telephone Systems. We can offer your Business FREE advice on how your business will benefit from Hosted VoIP via NETPLAN.

Because we are a VoIP Service Provider, Telephone Engineer are able to port all BT and Virgin Geographic area code telephone numbers over to our network which includes ISDN DDI Ranges. This is extremely handy if you are moving to a different exchange and you have been informed that you are unable to keep existing telephone numbers.

Single User Hosted Business VoIP

Up Front Costs
Monthly Rental
Annual Charge
£85 for Handset
£20 Per DDI

For customers who only need a Single Handset then our NETPLAN Single User Hosted VoIP Service is perfect. You can use your existing broadband service (or one of our business class services) and connect to our service with a choice of professional VoIP Handsets available from our range of Cisco VoIP Phones.

Standard Features Include : Voicemail, Automated Attendant, Music on Hold, Call Forwarding, Customised CLI, Time of Day Routing, Audio Conferencing, Call Hunt Groups and all other basic features provided with a traditional telephone systems.

View and Download Our NETPLAN Presentation Here

Multi User Hosted VoIP

Up Front Costs
Monthly Rental
Annual Charge
£85 Per Handset
£8.50 Per User
£20 Per DDI

With FREE Internal calls and unlimited room for growth, customers who wish to incorporate multiple users or multiple offices will find benefit in our NETPLAN Multi User Hosted VoIP Platform.

A dedicated Business Class Broadband Service is recommended for reliability and quality purposes. NETPLAN Provide our own range of Surfwise ADSL 2 and Tiscali Annex M Business Class Broadband Services which can be provided to run your VoIP Services.

Features Include : Voicemail, Automated Attendant, Music on Hold, Call Forwarding, Customised CLI, Time of Day Routing, Audio Conferencing, Call Hunt Groups and all other basic features provided with a traditional telephone systems.

View and Download Our NETPLAN Presentation Here

NETPLAN Business Call Rates

Our hosted VoIP System NETPLAN provides you with amazing features but because there are less costs involved at our end, we can also deliver call discounts over your existing package. Calls between VoIP users are also FREE which includes customers who have multi-branch offices.

Local Calls
National Calls
Mobile Calls
Call Rates (all times)
1.1 PPM
1.1 PPM
9.2 PPM

Call rates are subject to a slight change on a month by month basis as they are dictated by our supplier.

Cisco VoIP Handsets - Ensuring the best Hosted VoIP Quality

NETPLAN Hosted VoIP Services provided by NETPLAN are all perfectly accompanied by the Cisco SPA range of VoIP Handsets. The entire range of Cisco SPA handsets has been fully tested and are found to deliver the best possible call quality across all of our Hosted VoIP Products.

If it is Cordless DECT handsets you require then our VoIP Platform also supports the Siemens Gigaset range of DECT VoIP Handsets. You can view all of the available Cisco SPA and Siemens Gigaset DECT handsets in our NETPLAN. All handsets are pre-configured on purchase for your convenience

Why Switch to NETPLAN Hosted Business VoIP

Cost reduction
NETPLAN offers per second billing and some of the most competitive rates available. Also, by reducing the need for ISDN lines, NETPLAN can offer significant ongoing reductions in the TCO of a telephone system.

Enterprise grade feature sets
Call recording, Computer Telephony Integration, Music on Hold, Online Billing, Real Time call statistics, Call monitoring, Conferencing, Wall Boards, IVR, In call menus, Hunt Groups, Remote Provisioning, Fax to Email; NETPLAN is a fully featured end to end solution that offers everything demanded by today’s business communications.

Reduced Obsolescence
Because NETPLAN is a software based solution that supports remote provisioning, we can upgrade our network continually. Our feature sets are continually being upgraded and we offer a development service for bespoke applications.

NETPLAN offers a full web portal for resellers, so that you can create, moderate and manage your user accounts remotely. Client access through a single point allows for easy of system management by client companies.

Scalable, flexible phased Installations
NETPLAN allows remote installation and provisioning, so you don’t have to visit every client site for installation. The system also allows for users to be added and removed from within a client company with great simplicity after the original installation.

Rapid deployment
Receive an order, provision the handset and ship within ten minutes. NETPLAN give you the power to do just that.

Business continuity
Disaster recovery and business continuity are vital to the modern corporate world. NETPLAN is based on our own hosting architecture and includes a range of DR capabilities, including automatic call diverts, a multiply redundant core network and diverse power supplies into our Data Centres.

Home worker support
Remote working can now be monitored and controlled directly from the office. NETPLAN offers a full range of employee productivity features to manage and track the performance of remote workers, whilst allow free calls between remote sites and client companies.

For help or for free of charge advice on any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us free on 0800 849 9999 or contact us via any of the available methods.

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