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Surfwise Complete Broadband for Business

Telephone Engineer are a leading supplier of high speed Broadband for Business and World Class EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) Services.

For a World Class Broadband for Business Service Surfwise Complete is a fully unbundled service providing the line, traditional voice services and a high speed ADSL2+ Business Broadband Internet Service over just one connection.

Using LLU and ADSL2+ technology, Surfwise Complete utilises the Next Generation Network (NGN) and is designed specifically for businesses.

With downstream speeds up to 24Mb and upstream speeds up to 1MB we can cater for every business’s need.

What is LLU ?

LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) is not a type of technology, but refers to the de-regulation of the BT exchange network which allows Telephone Engineer to access the last mile of copper wiring to a broadband users building.

How Much Does Surfwise Complete Cost?

    Line rental (monthly)
    Surfwise Complete
    Up to 24Mb
    Up to 1Mb

* Price includes both Business Broadband Service and Analogue Telephone Line. Standard Installation is £91

Why Choose Surfwise Complete?

Surfwise Complete provides an uninterrupted performance at compelling prices. Our core network has been engineered to support a diverse range of access products as well as Internet breakout, co-location and advanced monitoring to provide a stable resilient platform. This high quality, competitively positioned package offers you a comprehensive and market leading product that is simple to understand and deliver.

  • Simple, low cost entry into the combined voice & data marketplace
  • Single supply of Surfwise branded voice and data services
  • A single competitive bundled cost for line, ADSL and call usage
  • A business grade ADSL2+ service that gives simple, high speed connectivity
  • Assured rates for business critical applications
  • Competitive call and voice feature rates from us, the voice specialists
  • Differentiated products for an attractive offering

For more information on Surfwise Complete Business Broadband, Call our technical team FREE on 0800 849 9999.

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