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Surfwise Annex M Premium Broadband Service

Telephone Engineer are a leading supplier of Premium Annex M ADSL Broadband Services.

  • Annex M Premium provides a minimum upstream bandwidth of 1024Kbps
  • Enhanced Care is included as standard with Annex M Premium

In a nutshell, Annex M Premium boosts the upload capability of ADSL2+ and standard Annex M by increasing the number of upstream bits and a minimum upstream bandwidth of 1024 Kbps

Our Annex M Premium Service adds to the standard features of our Surfwise Annex M Service by providing improved speeds and Enhanced Support. In total the the maximum downstream speeds can be up to 16Mb and up to 2.5Mb upstream.

Why Choose Annex M Premium ?

  • Speed - An increase in upstream data speed to 2.5Mbps.
  • Ease of use – Increased upstream speeds means users do not suffer traffic congestion.
  • Extra efficiency – increased upstream speeds allow businesses to run more efficiently.
  • Remote user access – A secure and cost effective option for home workers and remote office users.
  • New possibilities – Sending and Receiving Data is improved due to increased speeds.
  • An alternative – These 3rd generation broadband products are a cost effective alternative to SDSL.
  • Service – Surfwise M Enhanced is ideal for businesses requiring a guaranteed Quality of Service.

What does Annex M Premium Cost ?

Line rental (monthly)
Annex M Premium
Up to 16Mb
Up to 2.5Mb

Annex M Features and Benefits over ADSL Broadband for Business

  • High Network resilience
  • An SLA of 99.9%
  • A business focused product
  • A fast and reliable service
  • A service run over an uncontended core network
  • Enhanced upload speeds
  • Typical applications of: VOIP, Terminal Server, Citrix, Web, FTP and Email Servers
  • A prioritised downstream bandwidth of 1024kbps *
  • A minimum upstream bandwidth of 1024kbps *
  • Enhanced Care broadband package as standard *

* These features are only available on Annex M Premium.

For more in depth information on Annex M Products, call Telephone Engineer FREE on 0800 849 9999.


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