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Surfwise Plus Broadband for Business

Telephone Engineer are a leading supplier of Surfwise Plus Broadband.

Our Surfwise Business Broadband Network currently serves over 7,100 Business Broadband Customers across the UK across a variety of Super Fast, Next generation Broadband products. Surfwise provides ADSL2+ (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2+) broadband services that offer speeds of up to 24Mb downstream and up to 1Mb upstream.

  • Speed – if the requirement is for VoIP, video conferencing, high volume e-mails or other bandwidth hungry applications, then these Surfwise products offer a rise in speeds and power
  • Cost savings – these Surfwise products are a low cost alternative to leased line connections as our managed service removes the requirement for expensive leased lines.
  • Peace of mind – our robust connections and technical knowhow protects businesses from costly outages .

Surfwise Plus Broadband Pricing

    Line rental (monthly)
    Surfwise ADSL 2
    Up to 24Mb
    Up to 1Mb

Benefits of Surfwise Plus Broadband for Business

Our range of ADSL2+ Surfwise Broadband for Business products offer a business class of service and are rate adaptive so ‘stabilise’ at the best possible speed that the telephone line will support. Surfwise Broadband for Business also allows users to download and send data effectively within a range of applications giving both reliability and performance, as well as cost savings against other legacy technologies such as ISDN and dial-up.

The High speeds of Surfwise Plus ADSL2+ can revolutionise the way companies do business, downloading files quicker and streaming higher quality movies or music. Businesses that rely on downloading files, using applications or connecting remote workers or offices to centralised resources will benefit from a Surfwise ADSL2+ latest generation broadband connection. Surfwise Broadband for Business offers a better and faster service than the traditional ADSL offering. These products use more advanced equipment than existing ADSL type services and the Surfwise network is able to connect to thousands of ADSL2+ exchanges to offer you the best performance and price.

  • Faster Surfing - go from website to website in less time.
  • Faster Downloads - the average music track takes just 1.6 seconds.
  • Faster Uploads - send large emails and upload a photo in just 8 seconds
  • Faster Multiple Connections - Faster Online experience for businesses
  • Static IP Address - Included as standard with the option of more.

Business Broadband Internet from Surfwise provides your premises with exceptionally fast business grade Broadband services with the advantage of not just improved downloading speeds but also upload speeds are considerably improved which means uploading documents to shared areas or sending large attachments is quicker and easier with ADSL2+.

Contact Telephone Engineer for further information on our Surfwise Broadband Services.

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